To understand the essence of «SPA» one should apply to primary sources of explanation. SPA is an abbreviation which is known as «Sanus per Aquam» (Latin) or «Sanitas pro Aqua» (Latin), which means "health through water". This concept is known since Roman times, where hot healing and thermal baths were used. That is why this method of recovery was named - a spa. But its modern sense is much broader. Now the spa is known as a treatment procedures using water type: mineral and marine, freshwater and salt, combining with seaweed, mud, medicinal plants and stone`s energetic power. Spa treatments aimed at healing and relaxation of the whole organism. Acting through the skin, spa components activate metabolism, improve circulation, remove toxins from the body and improve overall health condition. After the procedure skin becomes extremely soft and elastic with saturated vitality tone. We are pleased to offer you spa treatments, developed by experts «Wai Thai» specially for our favorite clients. These procedures are combined with classic Thai massage.

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Do you want to pleasantly surprise and delight those who are dear to you? Looking for a gift that won't collect dust on the shelf? Massage salon Wai Thai, considered one of the best in Kiev, offers to buy a certificate for massage or SPA procedures. Believe me, such a present will only delight!
SPA certificate is the best gift

People living in Kiev and other large cities often face chronic fatigue, nervous tension and constant ailments. One of the best ways to restore mental and physical strength is to visit the spa. The benefits of such procedures can hardly be overestimated. They have a complex effect on the human body and combine as many as 4 effects - relaxing, wellness, prophylactic and cosmetic. In particular:

  • Relieve stress symptoms
  • Improves skin condition
  • Promote complete relaxation
  • Help improve well-being in case of diseases of the cardiovascular, nervous and digestive systems
  • Reduce body volume
  • Stimulates lymph flow and blood circulation
  • Provide rest to the tired body
  • Strengthen the immune system
  • Stabilize blood pressure
  • Eliminate cellulite
  • Launch the rejuvenation process
  • Allow you to put yourself in order in a short time
A trip to the SPA - who will like such a gift?

A certificate for a massage or a SPA salon is a great gift that suits everyone. It can be presented to friends, family, work colleague, boss or significant other. Agree, there is no such person who would not want to relax, restore health, get an incredible charge of vigor and return to an active life. And that is not all! In our showrooms in Kiev and Lviv, you can buy gift certificates for two. This is a great way to bring a novelty to a relationship, give an unforgettable experience to a loved one, or have fun with a girlfriend. If you are looking for a gift for your parents, you can rest assured that a massage certificate will be the best choice.

5 reasons to buy a certificate in a spa salon

Still in doubt that a gift massage certificate is a good idea? The following 5 Pros will help you make your final decision:

  1. Usefulness and practicality - such a gift will be quicker to use, and not thrown into a far corner, like an unnecessary little thing
  2. Professional approach - experienced masters from Thailand, trained in the best schools in Bangkok and Chang Mai, work in our studio
  3. Wide range of certificates - we offer up to 10 gift options for every taste and budget. They include an optimal combination of the most popular services
  4. The use of natural products - when carrying out SPA procedures, our masters use hypoallergenic natural cosmetics of famous world brands - La Grace, Bernard Cassiere, Ericson Laboratorie
  5. Individual approach to each guest - the session is built taking into account the age, complaints, possible contraindications and the general state of health of the guest
SPA services at Wai Thai
Having decided to order a gift certificate at the Kiev spa, you can choose from several service options.
Skin cleansing

Provides deep cleansing, nutrition and restoration of the skin. By activating the blood circulation process, it renews texture, improves skin tone and tone. The cleansing procedure can be performed on its own or as a preparation for a SPA or massage with oils.


Looking for a certificate for a massage as a gift for a woman? Stop at the Goddess! The proposal with such a self-explanatory name is unique, because the SPA technologists of Wai Thai have invested a lot of knowledge and effort in its development. The main task of this gift is to restore harmony to the body, sensitivity and peace to the soul, youth and freshness to the face, and girlish ease to walk. The session is carried out in 4 hands. He himself combines a complex of 4 different massages - foot, anti-stress, sabai and stone.

Yin-yang body massage

Do you want to make a useful gift for your loved one? Take a certificate for Yin-Yang body massage, which is carried out with warm ceramic plates. It removes toxic substances from muscle mass, improves blood circulation, relieves spasms and tension, strengthens venous and lymphatic vessels, and normalizes the endocrine system.

"Heaven on earth"

By purchasing a certificate for Thai massage in Kiev, you will receive as a gift a range of services for relaxation - anti-stress, aromassage and massage with hot herbal bags. The procedure helps to strengthen the immune system, provides deep warming of joints and soft tissues, eliminates tension in the back and neck-collar area.

Stone therapy

It is carried out with the help of oils and stones heated to a comfortable temperature. Promotes complete relaxation and harmonization of the nervous system, relieves stress and fatigue, helps get rid of depression, pain and heaviness in the neck, back and legs.

"Paradise on earth for two"

A SPA certificate for two is the best gift for a couple, relatives or girlfriends. The session is conducted in 4 hands and includes the main types of Thai massage - foot, hot bags, aroma and anti-stress. In addition to health benefits and incredible physical pleasure, it immerses a person in an atmosphere of comfort and peace.

Yin-yang facial massage

This is a popular SPA procedure, which the masters of the Wai Thai salon in Kiev perform with their inherent professionalism. This is a great gift for those who care about their appearance and want to give their face a healthy, fresh, toned look. Thai facial massage provides cleansing, toning and regeneration of the skin. Thanks to the gentle but effective action of the masseur, wrinkles are smoothed out, and the skin becomes firm and radiant.

Thai herbal bag massage

Since ancient times, Thais have been restoring strength and strengthening their health with the help of warm bags with medicinal mountain herbs. By purchasing a SPA certificate in Kiev, you can repeat this unique experience. This massage improves metabolism, relieves spasms and tension, and normalizes the functioning of the central nervous system. In addition, it eliminates the inflammatory process in the joints, helps with arthritis and pain in the spine.

Warm aroma candle massage

Another SPA procedure that is in great demand. To carry it out, the masters of the Wai Thai salon in Kiev use an aroma candle, which is first heated and then applied to the guest's body. Such a gift will appeal not only to those who experience discomfort in the muscles of the back, arms and neck, but also to active athletes in need of rest after the gym. Massage with a warm aroma candle improves blood circulation, relieves symptoms of chronic fatigue, relieves pain in joints and muscles. This is the best way to relax after playing sports or strenuous physical activity. A pleasant addition to this massage is complete cosmetic care. The natural ingredients that make up the candle make the skin soft, smooth, silky and maximally hydrated.

A certificate for a massage or SPA in Kiev will be the best gift you can give. Hurry up to please your loved ones with pleasant emotions and impressions!
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