To understand the essence of «SPA» one should apply to primary sources of explanation. SPA is an abbreviation which is known as «Sanus per Aquam» (Latin) or «Sanitas pro Aqua» (Latin), which means "health through water". This concept is known since Roman times, where hot healing and thermal baths were used. That is why this method of recovery was named - a spa. But its modern sense is much broader. Now the spa is known as a treatment procedures using water type: mineral and marine, freshwater and salt, combining with seaweed, mud, medicinal plants and stone`s energetic power. Spa treatments aimed at healing and relaxation of the whole organism. Acting through the skin, spa components activate metabolism, improve circulation, remove toxins from the body and improve overall health condition. After the procedure skin becomes extremely soft and elastic with saturated vitality tone. We are pleased to offer you spa treatments, developed by experts «Wai Thai» specially for our favorite clients. These procedures are combined with classic Thai massage.

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