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We offer you several gift card options, which include an optimum combination of the most popular massages provides by the Wai Thai chain of SPA massage salons:

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What should be the perfect gift for men in Kiev? Unusual, interesting, memorable, of course, useful! Salons of traditional Thai massage Wai Thai in Kiev and Lviv offer to move away from the usual platitudes and present a man with a personal certificate for one of the procedures. Why is such a gift good and who will it suit?
Gift certificate is the best choice for men

If before visiting a massage parlor and spa were the exclusive prerogative of women, now everything has changed. Men in Kiev and other cities have finally realized that regular body and face care is very important. Firstly, it should be remembered that they are greeted by their clothes, and a well-groomed appearance plays a big role in shaping the image of a successful and strong man. Secondly, residents of large cities often suffer from stress, chronic fatigue, and other unpleasant moments. And Kiev was no exception to the rule. Life in the capital is so stormy and eventful that many of the stronger sex can only dream of rest! Now imagine that you can not only provide them with such an opportunity, but also make this vacation incredibly rewarding. You just need to buy a massage certificate! Believe me, they will remember such a gift for a long time!

Certificates in Kiev - to whom to give such a gift?

A massage certificate is a universal gift for both man and woman. This is a great way to congratulate you on the holiday or make a pleasant surprise for your beloved boyfriend and husband, brother, friend, colleague and even boss. By the way, the heads of large companies in Kiev are increasingly ordering such certificates as corporate gifts. There is nothing surprising in the incredible popularity of this offer, because it is characterized by a lot of important advantages:

  • Beautiful design - the gift card has a bright thematic design and will become the best decoration of the holiday
  • Professional approach - experienced Thai massage therapists trained in the best schools in Chiang Mai and Bangkok work in our studio
  • Use of natural products - for SPA procedures, our masters use natural hypoallergenic cosmetics of famous world brands - Bernard Cassiere, La Grace, Ericson Laboratorie
  • A wide range of offers - Wai Thai studio in Kiev offers several types of gift certificates for every taste and budget
  • Individual approach to each client - before the start of the session, the bearer of the gift certificate will be asked about health complaints and possible contraindications
What is the benefit of a gift?

A certificate for a massage for a man as a gift is not only an opportunity to have a good time, but also a great way to take care of your health. Indeed, the benefits of Thai techniques can hardly be overestimated, because they have a complex effect on the entire body:

  • Allows you to get rid of stress and restore peace of mind
  • Relieve body clamps, promote muscle relaxation - an authentic atmosphere, calm music and premium aromatic oils set you up for relaxation and cause a feeling of complete pacification
  • Positively affect the intimate sphere - improve libido, prevent the development of impotence and prostatitis, which appear against the background of stagnant processes
  • Normalize blood circulation
  • Accelerate lymph flow
  • Prevent thrombosis
  • Promote overall weight loss
  • Increase efficiency and endurance
  • Maintain muscle tone, give them elasticity
  • Improves the work of internal organs
  • Allow you to find harmony and peace of mind
  • Return full joint mobility
  • Normalize metabolism
  • Increase the elasticity of bone tissue
  • Relieve pain syndrome, as well as symptoms of various diseases
  • Recover muscles after sports injuries
  • Strengthens the immune system.
Having bought a certificate for massage in Kiev, you can count on positive changes after the first visit to our studio. Men and women who have been in the hands of skilled Thai masters feel an improvement in their general well-being and a powerful surge of strength and energy. A competent choice of massage techniques is aimed at a comprehensive improvement of the whole body, and the pleasant sensations from the massage will be another additional bonus.

Wai Thai in Kiev - certificates as a gift for taking care of men Modern men know how to take care of their bodies and spend time with benefit. Considering this fact, the studio Wai Thai in Kiev has developed several types of certificates, including a successful combination of the most popular services. The cost of these gifts is indicated on the page - you can choose the best option.
Yin-Yang facial massage (40 minutes)
A certificate for a Thai facial massage will be an excellent gift for those men and women who carefully monitor their appearance. Its bearer can either attend the main procedure, or choose one of the sessions:
  • Traditional foot massage (feet)
  • Anti-stress massage
  • Thai face massage
  • Facial cleansing procedure
Each of the procedures lasts from 20 minutes to 40 minutes ut.
Traditional Thai massage (1 hour)
For this certificate, the same conditions apply as in the previous case. That is, in addition to the main procedure, a person can go to:
  • Royal massage of the Yin-Yang face
  • "Antistress"
  • Traditional foot massage (feet)
The duration of one such session is 60 to 120 minutes.
Traditional Thai massage (120 minutes)
Are you looking for a massage certificate as a gift for a man in need of complete relaxation and rejuvenation? Stop your choice here on this option. The choice here is just huge! In addition to the main service, the bearer of this document can go to one of the procedures:
  • Stone therapy
  • Sabai massage
  • Energy cocktail
  • Aroma massage
  • Aroma massage or Sabai in 4 hands
  • Slim-Sabai or Slim
  • Body massage Yin-Yang
  • Massage with warm herbal bags
Each of them lasts 1-1.5 hours.
Complex of Thai massages and SPA procedures "Wai Thai"
An original gift that will allow a man to take full care of both his face and body. In addition to the main offer, there are several more options to choose from:
  • SPA-procedure "Goddess"
  • Massage with heated aroma candles
  • “Paradise on Earth” spa treatment
  • Any massage that lasts 120 minutes.
Massage complex "Energy of Thailand"
The Energy of Thailand massage certificate entitles you for 3 procedures:
  • Traditional Thai massage
  • Sabai
  • "Energy cocktail"
Each lasts 90 minutes.
Complex of Thai massages and SPA procedures "Paradise on Earth for two"
Do you want to make a gift for both man and woman? Give preference to the couples certificate “Heaven on Earth for two”. It allows you to use the main complex or go to any massage for two performed by the masters of the Wai Thai salon in Kiev.
A certificate for a massage or spa session at the Wai Thai studio can claim to be the most creative and unexpected gift for both men and women. Believe me, this original surprise will remain in their memory for a long time and will be the best demonstration of your love and care.