What is the difference between Thai massage and classic massage?

The classic massage includes stroking and work on the muscles. Thai massage technique consist of elements of passive yoga, working with acupressure points of the body, pressing, pulling , twisting, stretching them. Professionals  used not only fingers but also elbows, wrists, knees and feet. Traditional Thai massage is performed on the mat. During the massage session guest should be dressed in a cotton uniform.

What is the duration of Thai Massage?

Minimum duration of Thai massage session is 30 minutes, maximum duration is  2 hours. 30 minutes is time which may be used to work on only one area area either it is back, legs, arms or neck. Within 1.5 hours masseur effectively work on whole body,therefore it is the most common time for average massage  session. Two hours of Thai massage can make a serious impact on almost all muscle groups.

What are the contraindications for Thai massage?

  1. serious cardiovascular disease and high blood pressure
  2. cancer
  3. osteoporosis
  4. presence of prosthetic joints
  5. skin disorders: eczema , psoriasis, shingles (do not massage in the affected area )

Having doubts about some contradictions mentioned above would be better inform administrator about any of body and health issue. Only in this case we will be able to pick up an individual program for you and work on the extent and area of influence.

Can one use Thai massage with varicose veins?

Masseur will omit areas with varicose veins  and will work on other problems areas. Nevertheless do not be obsessed with Thai massage. In case like this Thai massage should be done with an average intensity and do not get too carried away Thai massage. Making it should be moderately often of medium intensity and within large periods of time.

Can pregnant women do Thai massage?

We do not recommend the classic Thai massage for the whole body, but one can get a massage of the certain areas, depending on your individual characteristics and pregnancy date (period). The best option is facial massage  and head massage.

If there were some fractures, can one do Thai massage?

We do recommend thai massage as post-fractures rehabilitation. Massage after the fracture has analgesic properties, helps to improve the processes of tissue repair, is preventive measure against malnutrition muscles.

Can we use Thai massage for children?

Yes, of course! Massage strengthens the cardiovascular, immune, nervous, circulatory systems of the organism. Especially we recommend to undergo few massage sessions before the school year and  during cold season of the year.

Can do Thai massage with intervertebral hernia?

In case like this massage is not only possible but also necessary! To prevent herniation of the spine should strengthen back muscles. Massage may not one and the only treatment form this disease, but it reduce symptoms and significantly improve overall health.

Will I hurt during the Thai massage?

Usually massage session is painless. Massage of the tensed muscles usually cause pain, but after a while the pain disappears. If you feel pain during the massage, immediately inform the masseur.

When to expect the positive effects of Thai massage?

Tangible results you get after several sessions of massage. In some cases, you get a result after the first session. You will feel a surge of warmth, relaxation, reduction or complete disappearance of pain.

How many sessions of Thai massage should be done?

A short massage course consists of 10 sessions held every day or two. The average rate of 12 sessions. The maximum consistency of sessions is 15 massage sessions.

Firstly, the good option is to take a course consisting of 5-15 sessions. It is highly recommended to a have a brake between massage sessions at list 1-2 days.

How often should do Thai massage?

If you do massage courses, you can repeat them in six months or a year. Thai massage is not recommended to do every day, because it is quite a big burden on the body. After completing a full course ideal is to support health effect 1 time a week. Of course, it is all individually. Your body will tell you how often to do Thai massage.

Can I eat before the massage?

It is advisable to have massage sessions one hour after mean you`ve had.

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